Midjourney Basic
风格: 3D graffiti

提示词:a gun by 3D graffiti

风格: 3D model

提示词:a flying house by 3D model

风格: 2001: A Space Odyssey

提示词:from behind,a man in a big house,2001: A Space Odyssey

风格: Agostino Arrivabene

提示词: A magician with white hair holding a magic ball in his hand by Agostino Arrivabene

风格: Alejandro Aravena

提示词: A 3-story house built by the sea by Alejandro Aravena

风格: Alex Alemany

提示词: In a small house in the forest, two little girls were playing happily, with several little squirrels jumping around next to them. by Alex Alemany

风格: Alvar Aalto

提示词: In autumn, a bookstore with bookshelves, spiral staircase and maple leaves outside by Alvar Aalto

风格: Andreas Achenbach

提示词: On a thunderstorm night, there were big waves on the sea. There was a lighthouse in the distance and a ship rocking in the sea. by Andreas Achenbach

风格: Andrew Atroshenko

提示词: a beautiful chinese girl by Andrew Atroshenko

风格: Alois Arnegger

提示词: There is a beautiful house deep in the summer forest, with streams and waterfalls next to it, mountains visible in the distance, and a path leading to the house at the door by Alois Arnegger

风格: Artgerm

提示词: A girl about 20 years old, with red hair, wearing tight clothes, very fashionable, plump figure by Artgerm

风格: Ansel Adams

提示词: There are mountains in the distance and mountains nearby. Next to the mountains is a small river. The sun shines on the mountains. The shadow of the mountains is reflected in the small river. There is a pine tree next to the small river. by Ansel Adams

风格: Arthur Adams

提示词:There are many trees of different heights here. The trees look like mushrooms and are colorful. There is a stream flowing under the trees. Under the mushroom head is a beautiful house with bright light in the house. by Arthur Adams

风格: Ben Aronson

提示词: A beautiful girl with black hair is sitting on the table in the cafe, writing something with a pen, looking at what she has written, her expression is deep in thought, there is coffee on the table, the girl is wearing a watch and a ring by Ben Aronson

风格: Berenice Abbott

提示词: A man in his 40s with messy hair was walking on the streets of New York, staring at the beautiful women passing in front of him. by Berenice Abbott

风格: Charles Addams

提示词: One winter night, the moonlight illuminated the entire land. There were two beautiful villas in front of them. Smoke was coming from the roofs of the villas. The car walked towards the villas along the snow-covered path. by Charles Addams

风格: Charles Angrand

提示词: A girl is sitting on a small boat. The boat is in the middle of the river. There are lotus flowers on the surface of the river. Grass and trees grow on both sides of the river. There is a big sun in the distance. by Charles Angrand

风格: Cuno Amiet

提示词: In the distance is a prairie with no edge at a glance. There is a winding road running through the grassland. There are flowers and plants nearby, and there are trees and houses in the distance. by Cuno Amiet

风格: Diane Arbus

提示词: A little girl about 8 years old in a white skirt stood beside the country road, holding a cute cat and looking ahead with dull eyes. by Diane Arbus

风格: Daniel Arsham

提示词: There is a Buddha statue on the beach by Daniel Arsham

风格: Alena Aenami

提示词: from behind ,At dusk, a man stood on the road with forests on both sides by Alena Aenami

风格: George Ault

提示词: There is a small road with houses and trees on both sides of the road. The moon is big and round, lighting up the road,by George Ault

风格: Giorgio Armani

提示词: A beautiful girl wearing very fashionable clothes shows on the catwalk,Giorgio Armani

风格: Haider Ackermann

提示词: A beautiful girl wearing very fashionable clothes shows on the catwalk,Giorgio Armani ,by Haider Ackermann

风格: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

提示词: A happy fruit girl by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

风格: Ivan Albright

提示词: a scary castle by Ivan Albright

风格: Jacques-Laurent Agasse

提示词: 2 horses and two dogs in the forest , by Jacques-Laurent Agasse